Ghosts Attaching To People.

by TheGhostGuy on August 6, 2011

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Ghosts attached to you.


There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence as trapped energy. In this condition these ghosts or earthbound spirits may opportunistically or accidentally attach to a person’s energy field or energy body. When this occurs, the host person can experience influences of the attached earthbound energy. Thoughts, emotions, addictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings of the earthbound spirit may filter to the host. People can pick up unwanted energies from a variety of public places including the workplace, bars or nightclubs, or other places that they visit.

 Can Ghosts affect us?

Ghosts and spirits, when they attach to our energy field can affect our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thus our actions. Since these influences from the earthbound spirit come through the host persons energy field and brain, the host cannot usually tell the difference between their own thoughts or feelings and those of the earthbound spirit. The earthbound spirit also can siphon energy from the host in order to remain attached to the earth plane. Ghost with girls

Sometimes, the host person has a sense of something being “with” them and may over the years even develop a dependent or codependent relationship with the earthbound spirit at an energetic level. This is especially true if the attachment takes place when the host is very young.

The impact of an attached energy can vary depending upon the situation and personality of the energy that is attached. Any strong or negative emotions or attitudes such as loneliness, sadness or belligerence in the earthbound can influence the behavior of host person. If the earthbound energy has anger issues, the person may feel angry for no apparent reason. Have you ever felt angry or depressed for no particular reason? Well this could be the influence of attached negative energies.

 Physical Impacts

Since our energy field is also interconnected with our physical bodies, an energetic attachment can have an impact on the person’s physical well being.  Any physical issues carried by the earthbound spirit such as pain, headaches, malnutrition may show up as physical symptoms in the host person.

 Removing Ghosts and SpiritsUnwanted ghost?

Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits are the souls or spirit energy of people who have died and have become trapped as energy in limbo between the physical realm and what is commonly known as the light.

Being trapped here they seem to need assistance to move on. The goal is to release the earthbound spirit from the host and move it fully in the light, or place of origin, so it can complete its journey. Once any spirits are cleared, the person or their environment starts to feel better. Sometimes this happens right away and sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days to integrate the change in energy.

As part of the practice when clearing a house, we also check to see if the occupants have any unwanted energies. We remove those attached energies as well to ensure that there is no further transference of the ghost or spirit from person to person or from person to house and then back to a person. The house and all of the people living there become clear of any unwanted energies, unless they pick something up from elsewhere and bring it into their environment. Usually, once cleared, there is less likelihood of having further attachments for months or even years. That being said there are some people who seem to be a magnet for ghosts, spirits and other energies.

Not everyone has energies attached to their field, however if you feel that you might have something attached to you or your home, just click on the Free Evaluation link. Without any obligation, we will check you, your home and your family living with you for any attached energies and send you by email a brief report as to what, if anything is attached.

Please give me some feedback on this article or let me know about any other information about ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural energies you might like to have.

 Live in love and peace,



18 comments on “Ghosts Attaching To People.

  1. Once Haunted on said:

    Interesting information. I like the photo with the finger up the nose. I see that ghosts can affect you in a passive sort of way. Can they actually attack you like in the movies?
    Good work!

  2. I am replying to the article you wrote above on earth bound “ghosts” attaching themselves to a host human. For a number of years now I suspected this is does happen, and probably more then we realize. And suspecting that physical and mental pain may be the result of these attachments to humans. And I have felt, I suddenly “knew” something was different about me, an earth bound spirit come into my energy field in the past but not recently. Your article is right on.

  3. Jdmmrsmunir on said:

    I would like to get rid of the black tall man figured shadow, and for me and my kids to get good sleep. There is so much been going on.

  4. cortney on said:

    I will try and make this as short as possible. About 12 years ago i saw my first spirit. I grew up in the home and had never seen anything paranormal. It was a little boy about 8 running through the room. In the following weeks my brother also saw him and things srarted escalating from there. The tv would turn on all hours of the night, doors openingand shutting and things tapping all over the room. My brother and i realized we could pick ip on the energy and knew when it was around. The weird thing was no one except for our ffather ever saw anything and nothing had happened in our home previous to this. There was also a negative energy present. We both felt it and knew the difference in energy from the boy. It was a man dressed all in black tall amd thin and hewas deffinetly not positive. Well things went on for a few years and them died down a bit for no reason. I moved out of my parents hhome and didnt have any paranormal experiences for years. Then recently i started picking up on energy in my apartment. The tv started turning off microwave going on and off…unplugged…and voices saying my name in the middle of the night. I csnt ecplain why but i feel a female presencr. I feel its getting stronger and my roomate has been touched and spoken to as well. I was wondering if spirits could be drawn to me because i am slightly sensitive or is it a coincidence? Also should i try and communicate and will that make it leave?it doesnt really scare me nut it is unnerving when youre awoken in the middle of the night to something sayingnyour name and moving your bed! Anyway thanks for reading and sny input is greatly appreciated!

  5. Tricia Chitwood on said:

    Hi Michael,
    I’ve been experiencing ghosts in my home and attached to my brain for the past nine months. It began when I tried recording ghosts as I suspected something might be in my home. I began talking to them and soon they began frightening me in some of the worst ways. Things graduated from that point to playing games with my emotions. I’m a 70 year old woman and I need some help. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated. I need help to get rid of this energy.
    Thank You so much.

  6. my boyfriend~ my son and i moved 3 months ago into an old house. I dont know the past on this house howevever my boyfriend and i have not gotten along one day since we moved in. We always get along. He sees things and hears things that i dont. My son too. Could there be something here?

    • Hello Katie. Yes, there is quite likely a malevolent spirit or some other form of negative energy affecting you and your home. I had another client who moved into an older home and she would get home from work feeling good and within an hour of being in the home she would get angry and by the time her husband got home she would end up in an argument. Once the home was cleared, all was good between them and she no longer felt angry. If you wanted to fill out the free evaluation form I could check and let you know is there.

  7. Hannah Clayton on said:

    I have just barely opened myself up to the idea that ghosts can attach themselves to live people. I have seen ghosts in different places I have lived in. I have felt their presence everywhere I have been. I am not sure if I am sensitive to ghosts and can just see ghosts sometimes or if something is literally stuck to me. I have always believed in ghosts. The times I have seen ghosts, they look like regular people. I have tried to discourage my belief that ghosts are around by trying to rationalize noises and visuals. But now I have come to the conclusion that ghosts are really around me.

  8. Evann on said:

    Im a 30 year old female, who is fit and eats healthy. have suffered from unexplainable pain and extreme tiredness for over 10 years. I have had many tests done and I am completely healthy. My moods can shift rapidly and seems to have gotten worse over the last year. I can go from being perfectly fine to complete rage for no reason. I always blew this off as normal hormonal changes, but recently have come to realize that my fiance has started to develop the same symptoms and complaints. Shortly after we started dating he shared with me that he has never felt so tired in his entire life. Strangely, my ex boyfriend said the same exact thing to me right after we started dating!! Is it me? I really am a fun, silly, pleasant person to be around. Also, I have always experienced the frustration of losing items only to find them in plain sight later. My fiance, again, has never experienced weird situations like this until being with me. Help! I need my life back!

  9. Lisa Martick on said:

    Hi Michael

    Why do spirits, ghosts attach themselves to a particular person if there are more than 1 people in a place that said ghost could choose. Why do they choose one person over another? I have been chosen in more than one circumstance.

    Thank You!


    Lisa Martick

  10. Shirlene Girt on said:

    I have a grand daughter who has seamed to have a spirit attached to her sense she was about 2 yrs old. She is now 9… it seam to have moved on for a while but we think it is back. I was wondering if you had any advise for us? How do we make it so away for good? There has been so may unexplained things that have went on…. I just pray and hope that she isn’t in danger….

    Thank you, Shirlene

    • Hi Shirlene,
      Thank you for contacting us. I suspect that this spirit has been with your grand daughter since she was born. Whenever a person discovers a spirit in their home, or attached to a family member, it is important to remember that they were once a living, breathing, loving person. For some reason they did not cross over when they died and remain trapped in between. At this point they need help to complete their journey. Your grand daughter is not in any danger, however the attached spirit can have an effect on her wellbeing if it stays attached. What I suggest is that you get some help to cross the spirit over and finish their journey of this lifetime.
      Much love,
      P.S. Sorry for the delay in responding. I thank you for your patience.

  11. I’ve been followed by an unclean spirit for years just until now I actually recorded the voice on my phone. It was coming through the fan for some reason it’s attached it self to fans and air conditioning. And the voice mentioned my name and said you can’t beat me. I am a christian profess the Lord Jesus Christ our lord and savior..and have felt the holy spirit of God. Believe me their is a difference between God’s presence and an unclean spirit. I’ve been praying on it for the lord to move it from around me, and I do believe he will do it. Anyone with this problem seek the Lord first and foremost the Lord is above all things of that nature.

    • Hello Michael,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, as you say “seek the Lord first and foremost the Lord is above all things of that nature”, and speaking for myself, sometimes we, as people, are the instruments of the Lord.
      Much love,

  12. all my life iv had paranormal experiences but it wasn’t until recently that I started noticing activity everywhere I went. I moved in with my boyfriend a few years ago and up until I moved in, nothing out of the ordinary happened. then I move in and all of a sudden things started happening. at first it was little things voices or curtains moving but recently we started getting touched. not in a threatening way but I think its getting stronger since it never used to touch us. iv also saw something standing by my bed one day. I was with my sister a different day and her car door was open since she was getting ready to leave. it was open for at least 10 minutes when it just slammed shut. i’m not sure what’s going on but I figured maybe something has attached itself to me. my fathers old house was haunted in every sense of the word. his house ended up getting knocked down and a new house was rebuilt in its place. could something from there have attached itself to me? just looking for answers not very concerned right now!

    • Hello Haunted,
      It is not uncommon for spirits to move from a house and attach themselves to a person. I would suspect that you have had attached energies most of your life, by the sounds of it. And yes, I believe that an earthbound spirit or two has attached to your energy field from your father’s house. Whenever a person discovers a spirit in their home, or attached to a person, it is important to remember that they were once a living, breathing, loving person. For some reason they did not cross over when they died and remain trapped in between. At this point they need help to complete their journey. If you are willing, you could fill out the free evaluation form on this site and I can let you know what, if anything, might be attached to your field or the place where you are now living. All information is kept confidential and there is no obligation of any kind.
      Much love,

  13. I have a negative entity that’s been following me every where I go for 6 years now. I tried many different ways of receiving help to no success. I want to get rid of it because it tries to control my life. I just want to get back to being normal again. I need help very badly. It can be very nasty and strong. I hate it and which I could destroy it. Please help!!!

  14. I feel attachments on others but I do not have one myself. I feel it as they would,
    as an empath. It sucks! I’m looking for answers, right of wrong, I will find the right one or close to it.

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