Clear Your Energy Field

Do you experience…

  • The feeling that you are being watched
  • Lights going on and off, things moving around, or doors opening by themselves
  • The awareness that a ghost, entity or other supernatural presence around you
  • Other unusual activities, experiences or noises in your home

Or, do you have

  • Unexplained irritability, tension, or anger
  • Undue Anxiety and stress
  • A feeling of overwhelm or burnout
  • Feelings of exhaustion or low energy for no reason
  • Physical pain, headaches with no explanation
  • Recurring bad dreams
  • An overall sense of unease or negativity
  • Feel like you can’t move forward in your life, no matter how hard you try?
  • Or, other unexplained malady…

You may be experiencing the effects of negative energetic influences, ghosts, or spirits.


The Process

How We Remove Ghosts & Negative Energies

Step 1

Check for ghosts and negative energies.
Click here to fill out the Free Evaluation form.

Step 2

A session is conducted and the Free Evaluation Report is sent back to you.
The report outlines what energies may be affecting you and your home.
Please review the report and decide whether or not you would like to go ahead with a clearing session.

Step 3

Submit a request for a clearing session be done.
An invoice is sent to you for the session fee.

Step 4

Once invoice payment is received, the session to clear your energy field and your home is completed.
A summary of the session is sent to you.

Step 5

Send your feedback after a few days.


What To Do Next

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